The Team members
We are happy to count team members from both Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Dan Larsen

Driver, Transmission and Truck driver
Teamowner and Driver
CarAudio & Garage equipment Dealer.
Startet the TM/FC team in 1996

Joan Larsen

Hospitality, Computer, Web and Truck driver
Married to Dan
Accountant etc. in Dans Company.
Joined the team in 1996

Stig Jensen

Machine Engineer
Joined the team in 2005

Christian Nybo

Machine Engineer
/Car Mechanic
Joined the Team in 2010

Anders Storm

Clutch/Trailer Electrician
Joined the Team in 2006

Carsten Pedersen

Clutch/Truck driver
Truck driver
Joined the team in 2010

Per Egil Nordby (N)

Engine/Computer/Truck driver
Marine Automation projector.
Joined the team in 2003

Bengt Johansson (S)

Self employed Master Carpenter
Joined the team in 2003

Lars Kristensen

Trailer Electrician/Diver
Joined the team in 2006

Morten Søndergaard

Guest Clutch /Truck driver
Is team member at Kim Kristiansen's
Top Doorslammer Team
Machine Engineer